Gone are the days of the unoriginal, static and, let’s face it, boring corporate video. In this digital age the Internet has redefined video and how we use it. And thankfully, it has changed the world of corporate video too.

A corporate video can potentially be an extremely beneficial and cost-effective tool in marketing your business, reaching clients and attracting talent to your organisation. There really isn’t a better way of quickly and coherently showing people who you are and what you do.

More and more people are watching videos online and immersing themselves in media. It’s modern day communication and the opportunities are endless.

Your corporate video can be tailored to your needs and be created in a flexible way that allows for it to be repurposed at a later date for different audiences.

Your video can instantly communicate to your audience key details about your company, such as the products and services you provide, the benefits you offer, testimonials from staff and clients and much more.

The corporate video instantly highlights the best of your company, its professionalism, values and goals. And by simply having a video it shows your ability to innovate and communicate with a modern audience.

With ever increasing broadband speeds and the ever expanding rise of mobile devices, the opportunities afforded through corporate video should not be missed.

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Our Approach

We will work with you from the conception of a project right through to its delivery. We know how vital it is to have a strong brief that puts everyone on the same page.

And with our in-house facilities, vast experience and dedicated production team we can ensure that your project and budget is in safe hands.

See case studies of past projects and find out what our clients have to say about us.

Case Study: MKH

MKH are a people attraction company that provides recruitment services and marketing to its clients. They wanted something for the homepage of their website as “we believed that having one of our people talk about our services is more powerful than just words. You also get a better feel for our organization”.

On this occasion the video was made up of just one interview and shots from around the head office, based in London. It was a quick shoot, managed in a way that wouldn’t cause disruption in a very busy working environment.

The results were surprising to MKH, who were very pleased with the video, which was delivered to them a few days after the shoot and is now proudly embedded on their home page!

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Clinical Solutions

Clinical Solutions is a provider of decision support and clinical knowledge solutions to healthcare staff (clinicians, doctors, call centre staff and receptionists), providing high-value and low-risk encounters to patients and empowering patients to take a safe and active role in their own care.

They approached Galaxy Video to create a film about their service which they could use to support their corporate strategy and marketing.

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